The Seeds of Freedom

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Info About 自由之籽 Tote Bag



材質:環保布料 16 oz純棉帆布




內附:實際可放空間平量20*18.5cm 內袋







#自由之籽 採用台灣製造的16安士純棉帆布織成,不經漂白處理,保留帆布的原色,手感厚實,配合數位印刷,令整體圖案色彩飽實。

帆布袋耐用而不失美感,適用於各種生活中的場合。不論你揹著或手挽它去工作、逛街、旅行甚至遊行集會,都能展現出「我係香港人」 的身分。


Info about “The Seeds of Freedom” Tote Bag

Colour: Linen Beige

Measurements: W35cm*H40cm 

Material: Eco-friendly Material - 16oz Pure Cotton Canvas

Strap: 100% Cotton

Printing: Digital Inkjet Printing; Mesh Printing

Weight: 370g

Feature: A 20cm*18.5cm Inner Pocket

Button: A Silver Magnetic Snap Button


Adjustable Strap 

Material: 100% Cotton

Shortest Length (Including Hooks): ~74cm

Longest Length (Including Hooks): ~136cm


The Seeds of Freedom tote bags are made from 16oz pure cotton canvas sourced from Taiwan. They remain unbleached and are sturdy to the touch, with the use of digital printing, the graphics on them appear vibrant and full. 

The tote bags are imbued with both longevity and beauty, suitable to any settings - whether they be work, shopping, travelling, or attending a protest. They carry with you the sense of being a Hongkonger.

JTHK Series Kids

Product story


Let our hope reverberate across the mountains, may the world echo our children.

Our story

未竟之路 無忘雛心

風雨飄搖 稚自悠遊

Our design

同一片天 山鳴谷應

Common Yearning




The designer brought the summits to life with simple touches. They tower against whatever may come, sheltering our children in the worst of times. 

We will carry on the story of 2019 with this chapter written by the next generation.

Our products


To prevent felting shrinkage of the t-shirt, we suggest you to size up to the larger; or avoid using warm water and dryer to rinse our t-shirt.


This collection. like their adult counterparts, is designed by DDDDDHK who are based in Japan. They are founded by some Hongkongers in Japan, supporting Hong Kong with their designs.   

JTHK 一切用料及剪裁均跟市面速成製品不同,布料、網版、縫紉等全由台灣生產及人手印製,顏料亦採用高韌度的日本製品。整個產品策劃經多方考量及與廠商協調下訂造,絕對非次貨。此外,銷售、協商、客服、宣傳、運輸、溝通等運作主要由PROJECT R 的香港年輕人團隊合作,當中剛畢業或在學的青年佔大多數。

These products are designed by DDDDDHK, an initiative started by Japan-based Hongkongers. DDDDDHK strives to show their support to the movement in Hong Kong through their creatives. The materials and cutting of the JTHK series are different from those of the fast-moving fashion market. They are manufactured with high quality cotton fabrics and meticulously printed in Taiwan. The raw materials, including fabrics, printing screens and sewing materials, are sourced in Taiwan and the high-tough pigments for printing from Japan. The entire production plan was done with close collaboration of various parties. The execution, ranging from factory and material selection, sales, customer services, marketing to logistics, are accomplished by a group of young and diligent team of Project R who are mostly students and fresh-graduates.