About Us



Project R 致力構建全球香港人社區及一股擁抱普世價值、能立足國際舞台及受世界尊重的經濟文化力量、共同體。

Our Mission

Project R is committed to reinvent Hong Kong into a great economic and cultural power which embraces universal values, thrives globally, and is respected by the world.


Project R 三大使命:

1. 為香港年輕人建立全球支援網絡,包括就業、創業、升學、培訓及情緒支援

2. 建構港人互助經濟體,鼓勵創業,令港人品牌走向世界

3. 以「互助、互補、共存、共生」凝聚世界各地香港人,向世界宣揚香港人的核心價值和形象


Project R's Commitments:

1. To provide a global support network for the next generation of Hongkongers, including employment, entrepreneurship, education, training, and emotional support.

2. To establish a free and fair economic ecosystem among Hongkongers and those with a common cause, promoting the brand of Hongkongers and Hongkongers’ brands.

3. To consolidate Hongkongers through mutual assistance, supplement, nourishment, and sustenance, showing the world the core values and identity of Hongkongers.